Our company was established in 1965 as a vinyl material wholesaler in Nagoya.
We extended the scope of our business by establishing Tokyo Meiko Co., Ltd. (former Tokyo branch office) and Gifu Meiko Co., Ltd. (former Gifu branch office) in 1985.
In 1990, we established our Mie factory, and started utilizing other materials as well as wholesaling vinyl materials such as vinyl chloride, polyurethane, E VA and polyolefin by reorganizing our company as a total processing maker.
Our products are mainly manufactured through the welding process of a high-frequency large welder.
These products are air mats, bed-sore prevention mats, desk mats, ice pillows, low-frequency medical instrument parts, high-voltage medical instrument parts, insulation mats, materials which withstand voltage, air massagers and other products like air toys.
We always strive to manufacture complex products.
In 1994, I acceded to the President's office, after my father, Koichi Tanemura who was the founder of our company unfortunately passed away of cancer at the age of 62.
The current Japanese economy is in an unprecedented deflationary depression.
However, we always strive to seek rich markets whether domestic or abroad, thus our Mie factory is always at full production.
I believe that good businesses can be achieved through relationships of mutual trust among people.
Our corporate philosophy is to establish businesses through which both sellers and buyers can enjoy profits.
And we surely wish to develop a partnership with you.
Together let's live brightly in the 21st century!!
The key word is "Keep in touch".
Welcome to the human company that makes your dreams and ideas come true.

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