Company Name URL Catch Phrase Person in charge E Mail Address Phone Number
Sunrise Industrial Co., Ltd. Takao
Okada +81-255-52-7600
Aichi RECHO Co., Ltd. Please ask us all about Office Automation Equipments. Hideaki
Hattori +81-52-218-1781
Ida Industry We offer great plans for gel material (impact absorption materials) businesses. Kazuhiro
Harada +81-587-36-5781
Marubeni Intex Co., Ltd. We specialize in fabric relations and trade businesses. Kikuo
Urushihara +81-6-6266-3865
Nakajima Kagaku Sangyo Co., Ltd. Well-known for "Pepee lotion". Atsushi
Yasui +81-52-589-6255
Chubu Electric Power Office Co., Inc. Assist your family budget with "All Denka". Arihito
Ohmiya +81-52-916-1127
Kunoh Certified Accounting Office Our office exits for customers' business development. Kanzi
Kunoh +81-52-262-5608
Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha Denki Kagaku Kogyo, we aim to be a distinctive chemical maker. Tomohiro
Yoneda +81-52-561-1531
Meitetsu World Travel Inc. Please ask all about travel. Tatsuo
Haga +81-52-586-4545
Industries, Inc. We specialize in any flexible plastic related businesses. Hideo
Tsuda +81-52-933-1171

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